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     Hallo! visitor

     By the time you see this blog, you should have seen the iPlan app on the App Store. This blog is intended to be used as the support url for iPlan.


primary detail color move add

     I have just started to create something big. Well, actually it’s small. But it is also pretty big. How do you quantify the size of an idea?

     iPlan provides you an exciting way to manage your things better. You will soon notice that iPlan is your own app. You are the person who decide its function. You may use it to manage daily plan, work list, notes, to do list, events or all of these.

     What’s iPlan
     The iPlan is created to help people manage things better with classified lists. First you need to create a catalog and sub-lists (see the slide show above, “Home” is a sub-list of “Catalog”). Then you can add, rename, reorder and search items by tapping the “Edit” button. You can also move items from one list to another (the 4th screenshots) or send your list via Email.

     1. Well-Organized Screens
     Always feel annoyed to handle lists of things, get one thing done and forget another? iPlan uses only 2 primary screens, the Catalog screen and the sub-list screen, to give you quick access to whatever you’ve input in it. You can access to add, rename, reorder, delete, move, color and email functions also in these two screens. You don’t have to go through lots of screens to get things done.

     2. Easy Save and Quickly Relaunch
     When you quit the app, iPlan will save all the lists you modified. You won’t lose anything when you come back. You can quickly relaunch to Catalog screen if you’ve already input something in iPlan. The Welcome screen won’t disturb you every time you relaunch the app.

     3. Send List via Email
     Does your boss ask you to send the work report of the week? If you’ve input it in iPlan, you can quickly send it out via email. Give your boss a big surprise!

     4. Horizontal View Supported
     To help you type easier, this app supports all the other orientations except upside down. You can enjoy typing in landscape mode keyboard. 

     5. Customize Color by Yourself
     Do you feel boring to see all the navigation bars and tool bars in the same color? In iPlan, you can select a customized color for navigationbars and toolbars. Why not choose a color that fits your mood?

     If you meet with any problems, please leave your comments here or you may contact me by email. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

     Hope you enjoy it!
     Chilly Zhong

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