Apple Doc6 –FAQ

Answers to Common Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about iPhone OS development, this page lists the FAQ pages available to help answer those questions. Questions have been broken down into several general categories. For the list of questions available in a given category, click the links below.


Table 1 FAQ categories


User Experience questions
Answers questions about user interface design and event handling, including questions about many classes of the UI Kit framework.

Graphics and Animation questions
Answers questions about drawing 2D and 3D content, including questions related to Quartz, OpenGL ES, and Core Animation.

Audio and Video questions
Answers questions about using audio and video in your applications.

Data Management questions
Answers questions about reading and writing user data and about getting system-specific data, such as the user’s contacts and preferences.

Networking & Internet questions
Answers questions about connecting to the network and handling network-related content.

Security-related questions
Answers questions about how to write code that protects your application against attacks.

Tools-related questions
Answers questions about Xcode, Instruments, and the processes for developing, testing, debugging, and tuning your applications.


PS: I ommit "iPhone OS for cocoa developers" in this series as I’m not.

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